The far north of Syraen is a cold and inhospitable place. Some say that only the strongest survive, which isn’t completely true. Life in Natien goes on much like life on the rest of the continent, though perhaps with more precautions than other parts of the world.

Life in Natien has never been easy. Aside from the obvious cold, the Natiens have been fending off invasions for the past thousand years from their southern neighbors, who care less about the country itself than about their total empire size. These two factors have kept Natien relatively primative compared to the rest of the world.

Civilization in Natien can be separated into two groups: nomads and settlers. Much of the population wanders the country, following the game and wildlife as it migrates. For these people, life is about survival and little else. Settlers, on the other hand, have made the effort to domesticate food with some success. While large communities cannot be supported, civilization as such is sustainable.

The people of Syraen look at Natiens with a mixture of pity and irritation. While they feel sorry for anyone who lives in the cold all year round, most haven’t quite forgiven them for refusing to be invaded.


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