Greater Secropolis

When an enterprising group of merchants gathered in Undine’s Bay, they had on their mind profit and profit only. If someone had told them that their small port town would grow to become THE conflagration of culture in the world, they probably wouldn’t have cared. In many ways, Greater Secropolis doesn’t really care either.

Greater Secropolis is the largest city in Anvalla and perhaps in the world. While it is not the capital of the empire, it enjoys a center of prominence that other cities can only covet. Home of the Greater Secropolis University and the associated library, it is a haven for seekers of knowledge the world over. It is a magnet to merchant and a mission field for clerics; heaven for sinners and hell for saints. Greater Secropolis is the place to be.

The city’s government structure is very loose. The ruler of the city is little more than a figurehead. Policy is decided by nobles, who can be divided into old money and new money. Beneath them are the people who actually get work done and keep the city running. And beneath them is a swirling mass of chaos, the only way to describe the populace.

Demographically speaking, Greater Secropolis (also known as Secropolis, as there is no Lesser Secropolis) is as diverse as you can get. Humans form a majority compared to other races singularly, but plurally are swamped by the sheer masses of humanoids looking for the good life. If it has two legs, there’s one of them in Secropolis, or so the saying goes.

Greater Secropolis is too large to speak about it in any general terms. Thus, people within the city refer to districts. These are more ethnic and have very distinctive characteristics.

Greater Secropolis

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