The Elf from the Sands


A 6’0 195lb 125 year old tanned Elf with black straight hair and black pupils.

Ability Ability Score Ability Modifier
STR 16 +3
DEX 17 +3
CON 14 +2
INT 12 +1
WIS 12 +1
CHA 9 -1


AC Touch Flat-footed HP CMD Fort Save Ref Save Will Save
14 13 11 26 +13 +5 +3 +1
Armor Type AC Bonus Check Penalty Notes
Leather Medium +1 0


Weapon Type Damage Critical Threat Notes
Scimitar Slash 1d6 x2
Kukri Slash 1d4 x2
Longbow Pierce 1d8 x3

Initiative = +3

CMB = +5


Acrobatics Climb Craft Handle Animal Knowledge: Nature Intimidate Perception Ride Survival Swim
7 7 5 3 5 3 8 3 5 7


Class Features/Special Abilities


Gill (pronounced Jill) was born into one of the many nomadic tribes of Poessh. His clan is known for being fairly good with their mix of trading, entertainment and, most especially, their unique way of selecting their legends.

Every 20 years, a handful of elves that have come of age are selected to ‘gain their name’. The many heroes and heroines before them were Morrow the Valiant, Forcee the Wise and Steve the Burglar. The chosen are then told to seek out great adventures and must come back with tales to prove their prowess. The rules state that whomever tell the greatest story after three tries bears ‘gains their name’. If the chosen brings witnesses to back up their stories, their chances of them winning are far greater.

Gill, though, was chosen out of pity. His mother died during a raid by one of the now nonexistent local tribes. The anger built inside him so much that he soon adopted the Barbarian style of fighting. During another raid attempt by the tribe that killed his mother, Gill and several others who sought vengeance destroyed the other clan in one fell swoop.

After The Great Massacre, Gill took to trading and helping train the smaller children in the ways of combat. It has been 5 years after The Great Massacre and Gill’s number has come up. He is now on the search for adventure, friendship and nonsense.


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