A most displaced construct

Ability Ability Score Ability Modifier
STR 17 +3
DEX 9 -1
CON 20 +5
INT 14 +2
WIS 14 +2
CHA 10 0


AC Touch Flat-footed HP CMD Fort Save Ref Save Will Save
19 9 20 23 +13 +8 -1 +3
Armor Type AC Bonus Check Penalty Notes
Adamentine (Construct) Heavy +8 -7
Shield Heavy +2 -2


Weapon Type Damage Critical Threat Notes
Warhammer Bludgeoning 1d8 x3
Slam Bludgeoning 1d4

Initiative = 0

CMB = +4


Climb Craft: Self Handle Animal Knowledge: Dungeoneering Intimidate Ride Survival Swim
0 2 4 5 -10 2 0


  • Power Attack
  • Cleave (make an additional attk if 1st lands)

Class Features/Special Abilities

  • Adamentine Body
  • Simple and Martial Weapons
  • Sheilds (except tower)
  • All Armors (kinda useless since I’m a freakin’ construct)
  • Light Fortification (25% chance of sneak attk or crit dealing normal damage)
  • Slam Attack (natural attk 1d4 dmg)

Born from the strife of the Last War, warforged remain as constant reminders of that terrible time. To look upon one is to see an instrument of destruction, a heartless killing machine, a siege engine in the shape of a man. Despite the purposes for which House Cannith built them, however, warforged can choose to be peaceful. When given thinking minds, warforged were granted the ability to surpass the limited uses for which their creators had designed them.

When peace finally came, the nations of Khorvaire agreed to free the warforged, granting them their first opportunity to make their own choices. Although tireless creations, the warforged had long ago become tired of war and chose to live among the other races.

Coral began his search for purpose soon after the Last War. He came upon a band of adventurers in an abandoned tomb and joined them. After gaining a new contract from a local mayor, Coral and his party sought out to fight a sorcerer that was wreaking havoc upon the townsfolk. In the middle of the battle, Coral was struck with some sort of powerful spell and was transported to Svetyan. He now is searching for a way to get home to fulfill his contract and to find a purpose for his life.


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