Mayura (Rachel Lorenz)

An acrobat/investigator rogue with some uncertainty in her personal history and a vendetta against the Harsband churches.



Ability Ability Score Ability Modifier
STR 12 +1
DEX 17 +3
CON 13 +1
INT 14 +2
WIS 11 +0
CHA 15 +2


AC Touch Flat-footed HP CMD Fort Save Ref Save Will Save
16 14 13 17 14 1 6 0
Armor Type AC Bonus Check Penalty Notes
Leather Light +2 0


Weapon Type Damage Critical Threat Notes
Shortspear Piercing 1d6 20, x2
2H Spear Piercing 1d8 20, x3 20ft reach, brace property

Initiative = 3

CMB = 1


Acrobatics Bluff Climb Diplomacy Disable Device Disguise
8 7 6 6 8 6
Escape Artist Knowledge (Arcana) Knowledge (Religion)
7 6 6
Linguistics Perception Sense Motive Sleight of Hand Stealth Use Magic Device
6 5 4 7 8 6


  • Dodge (+1 dodge bonus to AC)
  • Mobility (+4 AC against attacks of opportunity from movement)

Class Features/Special Abilities

  • Sneak Attack +1d6
  • Base Attack Bonus +1
  • Trapfinding replaced by Expert Acrobat: Mayura does not suffer from any armor check penalty on Acrobatics, Climb, Fly, Sleight of Hand or Stealth skill checks while wearing light armor. When unarmored, she gains a +2 bonus on Acrobatics or Fly skill checks.
  • Evasion: If Mayura makes a successful Reflex save against an attack which would normally still deal half damage, she instead takes no damage when wearing no or light armor and not helpless.

Rogue Talents

  • Quick Disguise: Dramatically reduces the amount of time taken to utilize the Disguise skill. (The table is on Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide pg. 131, for reference.)

Rachel Lorenz is a former Harsband native – without Disguise, a nonzero number of people once we get there will probably recognize her.

Mayura eventually emerged from the events of her departure; no matter where you go, there are probably going to be options available for someone who’s quick on her feet and possessed of some investigative intelligence.

Mayura (Rachel Lorenz)

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